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i couldnt finish this, as much as i enjoyed it. im basically a total shut it rn so the idea of losing online friends or my boyfriends hits a bit too hard. still, this game is wonderful

OUHHHH JUST PLAYED IT. thats so sad wtf 😭really good game tho. i wish we could've hung out with colin and karam some more but maybe i just missed that part of the game... ouhhh

thank you!! <3 yeah i love them haha, it's a shame i didn't have enough time to let you hang out with them more


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I NEVR HAD ANY REGRETS PLAYNJNG YTHIS EVER. i was soooooooooo desired for knight to confess !! and i really REALLY love how this is quite related to me and my friends relation <3


lovely game! i do hope she texts us after the end of the world, absolutely loved the music. thank you for creating and sharing


oh this is absolyutely GORGEOUS AND WRECKED MY HEART AHHH i love the online friends vibes and them exchanging contacts BUT OUGH I COULDNT TELL HER I LOVED HER but this is a 10/10 game i love it

THANK YOU!!! <3333 this is such a lovely comment!! thank you so much for playing

i cant stop thinking about this game, fantastic work


I was panicking with the MC at the end! <3 It was sad that it ended that way. I used to play MMOs back in the day, and I know that this was really the case back then. You chat and play so much with someone and forget learning their contact/socials since it also wasn't that popular before. You just enjoy playing with them in this MMO world then once you stop you realize that you could've made him/her a real life friend as well. Nowadays though guilds usually have facebook groups/ discord so I get to know people outside of the MMO world. Thank you for this game for bringing back the nostalgia.


im despairing

I never played MMOs, but you made me remembered how it felt back when I had online friends and the entire relationship was based off of texts. Despite not knowing much about MMOs, your creative dialogue beautifully captures the chaoticness of global chats and the unbreakable friendship (and love :>) between the guild members. Thank you for allowing me to experience this culture that I was never part of.


i'm so glad you enjoyed it, thank you for the lovely comment <3

i loved this!! thank you so much for making it <3

this game made me nostalgic for all the mmos i played, and thinking about the last time I said goodbye to people without knowing it would be the last time. such a chill and cozy game! 

thank you!! i'm glad it brought back memories for you <3


really, really loved this. the fact that it ends the way it does and you can kinda scroll through the chat is just so (screams) and i mean that in the best way possible. it unlocked memories i didn't even know i had djksjds

thank u for making this <3

ahhh thank you, i'm so glad you liked it! "(screams)" is exactly the emotion i was trying to evoke haha <3


this was really good and bittersweet! a really nice take on the "end of a MMO" genre, I hope she calls me! lmaoooo

Love this!

thank you!! ^-^

I’m not super tech-y so idk if this is an issue on my end or not, but the text will go out of the box and I don’t have the ability to scroll or anything. Happens on both my computer and phone. 

hi!! sorry about this - the game isn't designed to work on mobile, so that makes sense, but i'm not sure what's wrong with the pc version? would you be able to send a screenshot of what it looks like so i can look into it? 

omg ok not to seem too girl who cried wolf or anything, but I tried the game again after I saw your reply, and the scroll bar shows up for me now, so maybe it was a me problem haha 

no worries!! i'm just glad you can play now, and thank you for mentioning that you were having an issue! <3


Oh wow. I never personally joined a guild or anything but I did use to play an MMO and, idk. This was kind of emotional. 


I think what touched me the most was how, at the end, you log off, but you can still scroll through all the messages, and the music's still going on. Re-reading through everything while lost in thought is definitely realistically what I would've done in this situation, and I did catch myself scrolling up and down, wondering if anything more would happen, and being disappointed that nothing did. Good job. And thanks.


ohhh my gosh, thank you!! that's such a lovely response TuT  i'm super happy you liked it <3




Waaah I really enjoyed going thought this, it makes me remeber beautifull times playing an MMO, thank you :')


thank you!!! im glad you enjoyed it ^-^


well i couldn't tell her in the game. but she did write down my number, so i guess you could call it a neutral ending? confession on the phone would be less climactic tho lol


This had me hooked the whole time. You presented an extremely creative way of presenting an MMO love plot in a narrative way which is surprising considering how specific it is. Like I can't believe this is a game jam game it's so well thought out. Amazing work!


ohh gosh, thank you for the kind words!! i'm glad you enjoyed it!! <3


ellis good GOD T_T



ILY tysm <3