it's been years since dragonsblood destiny online had enough active members to make it worth keeping the servers running, so it's finally shutting down.  you and some of your old guild decide to reunite - including shewolf87, who you haven't spoken to in years, and whose real name you don't even know. but you know you loved her all those years ago. and you know there's still something left.

can you tell someone you love them, at the end of the world?

credits and content warnings can be found in-game.

made for dying mmo jam

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
Authorellis dex
GenreInteractive Fiction
Tagsink, LGBT, Narrative, Retro, Romance, Short, Text based
Average sessionA few minutes

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really, really loved this. the fact that it ends the way it does and you can kinda scroll through the chat is just so (screams) and i mean that in the best way possible. it unlocked memories i didn't even know i had djksjds

thank u for making this <3

ahhh thank you, i'm so glad you liked it! "(screams)" is exactly the emotion i was trying to evoke haha <3


this was really good and bittersweet! a really nice take on the "end of a MMO" genre, I hope she calls me! lmaoooo

Love this!

thank you!! ^-^

I’m not super tech-y so idk if this is an issue on my end or not, but the text will go out of the box and I don’t have the ability to scroll or anything. Happens on both my computer and phone. 

hi!! sorry about this - the game isn't designed to work on mobile, so that makes sense, but i'm not sure what's wrong with the pc version? would you be able to send a screenshot of what it looks like so i can look into it? 

omg ok not to seem too girl who cried wolf or anything, but I tried the game again after I saw your reply, and the scroll bar shows up for me now, so maybe it was a me problem haha 

no worries!! i'm just glad you can play now, and thank you for mentioning that you were having an issue! <3


Oh wow. I never personally joined a guild or anything but I did use to play an MMO and, idk. This was kind of emotional. 


I think what touched me the most was how, at the end, you log off, but you can still scroll through all the messages, and the music's still going on. Re-reading through everything while lost in thought is definitely realistically what I would've done in this situation, and I did catch myself scrolling up and down, wondering if anything more would happen, and being disappointed that nothing did. Good job. And thanks.


ohhh my gosh, thank you!! that's such a lovely response TuT  i'm super happy you liked it <3




Waaah I really enjoyed going thought this, it makes me remeber beautifull times playing an MMO, thank you :')


thank you!!! im glad you enjoyed it ^-^


well i couldn't tell her in the game. but she did write down my number, so i guess you could call it a neutral ending? confession on the phone would be less climactic tho lol


This had me hooked the whole time. You presented an extremely creative way of presenting an MMO love plot in a narrative way which is surprising considering how specific it is. Like I can't believe this is a game jam game it's so well thought out. Amazing work!


ohh gosh, thank you for the kind words!! i'm glad you enjoyed it!! <3


ellis good GOD T_T



ILY tysm <3