your online friend comes to you for help.

and you have to talk them down. warning: not wholesome, not happy.  sometimes i just need to make vent art lol.

made for O2A2 2023 and narrat jam 2

trigger warnings:
  • this game is about the experience of talking an online friend down from suicide, so that, and it also mentions self-harm and cleaning self-inflicted cuts, as well as being a depiction of emotional manipulation and general assholery.
  • made in narrat
  • cover/menu/page image from unsplash
  • also i don't own keith from voltron and i'm sorry that i had to include that and deal psychic damage to anyone who understands orz
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
Authorellis dex
GenreVisual Novel
Tagsautobiographical, Dark, Mental Health, Short
Average sessionA few minutes


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Woah, I had an experience like that when I was surfing through other social media platforms, but the tumblr page just hit me how nostalgic it looked and the fact that the conversation was going on also hit me hard at how sadly relatable it all is. Especially when you're trying to be genuine and help but there's only so much keys on a keyboard can do to convey your sincerity.

The way Keith would act, while I understand was coming from a place of hurt and drowned with negative thoughts, was incredibly insensitive and realistic. And the way MC would respond and apologize is them just trying to defuse the situation and lower Keith's hostility is so true. The general hypocrisy and asshole-like behavior of Keith once MC showed genuine concern over their well-being (and jesus, sharing pics of their self-harm) made me angry on behalf of MC even though I do understand where Keith is coming from, it makes no excuse either way.

I'm impressed how realistic everything is and how it's handled, I feel awful if you've gone through these experiences many times and felt fully responsible over the mental health of your friends, I do hope things are getting better and people have healed over them. Great job with this one, it felt really immersive!


thank you so much for such a lovely and detailed comment, i really appreciate your thoughts <333 i've definitely gotten better at asserting boundaries and having friends who respect them! hard to learn, haha, but necessary all the same

Everything is so realistic and accurate, omg. This really was the mentally ill teenage / young adult experience in Tumblr

i've never had a single original experience huh

but seriously, being in mental health tumblr as a teenager was exactly like this. you did an amazing job

My heart plummeted when I got to the line about it not mattering for much longer. I've had this exact conversation with online friends and you definitely nailed what it's like.

I will not repeat the swearing from when I was playing this, but great job. You are so good at elliciting (pun intended) feelings in a split second. Absolutely fantastic.

Woahh this his very close to home. This is so on point as to what its like having a friend like this. I am very glad I dont have any more Keiths in my life

Lord, this VN hits close to home, and hits like a fucking truck at that.  I'm suddenly reminded of how much nicer my life became after I purged all of the Keiths from it.

That is to say, excellent work, heheheh~

this game was really realistic. enjoyable doesn't feel like the right word to describe the experience but it definitely made me feel things

ellis this was painfully real. holy shit. amazing job <3



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Damn, this was excellent. Actual psychic damage.

I was talking to friends how this game made all of us feel this: we think the game might go there, the game does go there, and we’re still surprised by it.

That shows how much writing chops you’ve had. Great stuff.

thank you!! 💕

Well fuck that was painfully relatable, and pretty good.

Over time I've learned to quickly detach myself from people who act like that. Boundaries and all that. But it's weird to be reminded of what it can be like when you let people get too far into this... however we call this phenomenon?

thank you!! yeah, it's strange, isn't it? letting someone treat me like this seems like such a foreign concept now; it was an odd feeling to write and get back into a more like, naïve headspace

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this was psychic damage that was dealt upon me like a calling from zeus. this reminds me a lot of kin circles i was in between 2015-2017. eerie, inhuman, soul-sucking. reminds you a lot of being anxious over people who behaved a certain way just for control. having to talk down people whose names and faces you don't even remember anymore, just that they kinned so and so from this and that.  knew lots of teens my age at the time who acted like this. so, you suck for reminding me of this (joking) but thank you for also highlighting a part of internet culture that i felt i hallucinated.

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afksjn thank you for the comment, sorry for the psychic smite lmao. it's simultaneously comforting and horrifying that so many people seem to understand exactly the kind of person this game is about

Oof I feel this. Really nice depiction, vent art is always good, and it def hits the vibe of oh god my stomach hurts and I'm anxious as I'm desperately waiting for a response why am I in this situation ;-;. Hope it helped you feel better in any kind of way to get out there and make<3.

thank you, i appreciate it 💕 💕💕 

This game is unfortunately relatable. I like how realistic the tumblr account is sdfgbvdsedrtyhgfdertg and the conversation feels really realistic too

thank you! yeah i think an unfortunate amount of people had similar experiences and knew That One Person...... thank you for playing :`)

this is so... eerily realistic. down to the "i'm older than you so you probably don't get what it's like to feel this way at my age." although i know that this is fairly common, it still sends shivers down my spine to know that a lot of other kids went through this experience skdjksj 

thank you for making this. this was a really awesome way to utilise the limit of 1000 words! 

also help, voltron jumpscare in 2023 

yeahhhh sorry about that LMAO. it's weird, isn't it, how common stuff like this is? i realised partway through making it that i had absorbed some other people's stories into my own, and it became vent art for myself as well as how i feel about everyone else who got mistreated online. sucks!!!! 

thanks for your lovely comment, though 💕  eerie realism was my top goal! what a compliment